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Firefest Review

When the Firefest X acts were announced one name stood out heads, shoulders and big hair above all others for me. My excitement grew quicker than a political party dropping manifesto pledges at the sight of JSRG on the bill. My anticipation continued to grow exponentially as the tumultuous day approached and by the time they were due on stage I was almost combustible! JSRG came out to an impressive cheer and tore off into ‘Rev It Up’ sounding fabulous right from the off. The crowd lifted their voices high as they delivered the “whoohoos” and “rev it ups” with vigour. Janet Gardner continued on vocals and rhythm guitar for ‘How Much Love’ which was as good as I’d hoped. She and Gina Stiles sounded great and the smiles showed they were enjoying it as much as the audience who once again yelled the choral lines with gusto. Gardner lost the guitar for ‘Bad Reputation’ and this gave her far more freedom to stroll around and groove away before JSRG slowed things down with ‘Cryin’’. Despite being a ballad it was still played with some balls and Gardner’s throaty vocals became even more prominent. For the start of ‘I Want You To Rock Me’ the bass and drums set the beat and the majority of hands went up.

The riff from Stiles sounded crisp whilst Gardner roared out the held notes. It was then time for ‘Streets In Paradise’ which was another cracker both musically and vocally. Gardner left for a few moments allowing bassist Share Ross to take the mic for a cover of ‘Rocking In The Free World’. She returned with a tambourine for the first chorus before Stiles took centre stage to showcase her rapid fret work. JSRG then took the tempo down again with ‘Love Is A Killer’. The lyrics were sung with real feeling and the crowd helped Gardner out by joining in and gave her a real cheer after some superb long wails. JSRG followed this with an unexpected inclusion from the ‘Tangerine’ album in ‘Never Say Never’. It didn’t get the same reaction as the others but they still played it with bluster regardless and I loved it. Gardner then declared it was time to get stupid; she encouraged everyone to join them in a group hair flick before motoring into ‘Wrecking Ball’ during which she also engaged in a rather funky punch dance. The next interlude saw all the smiles disappear as Gardner gave an emotional speech about Vixen founder Jan Kuehnemund who’d passed away the previous week. Unless I’m mistaken she had a tear in her eye and I don’t mind admitting so did I. Gardner asked the audience for help with ‘Edge Of A Broken Heart’ and they responded whole heartedly. At one point she bowed her head on the mic stand, (I suspect composing herself), and this only encouraged the audience to sing even louder making it the stand out song of their set. The quartet took their applause and left before they returned to the stage for one more song which was surprisingly another cover, Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’. At this point beach balls were tossed out from the stage and the place turned into one big party to finish. I have given the same answer to everyone who has asked my opinion on the JSRG set…croaking “it was simply fecking awesome!” As far as I’m concerned their set was everything I had hoped for and more... and I’d hoped for a lot. Gardner’s voice sounded better than ever and Ross and Roxy Petrucci provided a fabulous and pounding foundation whilst Stiles took every opportunity to light up the fret board. The only minor quibble I have is that it’s a shame they included two covers when there were other top drawer tracks omitted. Overall this fantastic performance from JSRG was unequivocally the highlight of my Firefest and they left Legends a tall order to follow.
J.S.R.G. Firefest Review in Italian
Dopo una prestazione così poco decorosa da parte dei Baton Rouge speravamo vivamente che le ex Vixen potessero risollevarci dal torpore che ci aveva avvolto. E così e stato! Janet, Share, Roxy e Gina hanno compiuto il miracolo regalandoci la migliore performance del Firefest 2013. Alla faccia di chi pensava di trovarsi davanti 4 milfone!! Queste ragazze hanno veramente le palle d'acciaio! Dall'iniziale “Rev It Up”, passando per “How Much Love”, “Cryin'” la commovente “Edge Of Broken Heart” (dedicata con enfasi da Janet alla recentemente scomparsa Jan Kuehnemund) le 4 bad girls non ci hanno lasciato un attimo di respiro. E' stato un spettacolo grandioso con il pubblico in visibillio e la musica, che oltre a puntare direttamente al cuore, ci ha fatto ballare e contorcere come in preda a raptus. Che dire? Grazie ragazze, ci avete ringiovanito di 20 anni!
Set List:
  1. Rev It Up
  2. How Much Love
  3. Bad Reputation
  4. Cryin'
  5. I Want You To Rock Me
  6. Streets In Paradise
  7. Rockin' In The Free World (Neil Young Cover)
  8. Love Is A Killer
  9. Never Say Never
  10. Wrecking Ball
  11. Edge Of Broken Heart
  bis (encore)
  12. Rollin' Into Deep (Adele Cover)
Janet & Roxy at Firefest 2013
Photo by Stephen Brophy
Share & Roxy at Firefest 2013
Thank you everyone for all the heartfelt comments and messages. I'm still in disbelief over Jan's passing. It's comforting to see the immense outpouring of love and respect for her....a Vixen forever.
Jan Kuehnemund
YouTube Video
If we look emotional in this performance... it's because Janet had just dedicated it to our departed friend, guitarist and founder of Vixen - Jan Kuehnemund. Toughest. Song. To. Perform. Ever.
....not a dry eye in the venue or on stage.
Fan-filmed video footage of JANETSHAREROXYGINA's (a.k.a. JSRG) October 20 performance at the Firefest at Rock City in Nottingham, England
Interesting Blog - http://rockchicksrule.wordpress.com/2013/07/19/vixen
Posted Thursday September 26, 2013
Photos from the Dio Benefit
Benefit show May 18, 2013 at "The Detroit Pub"
Roxy and Maxine
Photo by Spike Dilcher
Roxy, Rachel and Maxine
Photo by Spike Dilcher
Roxy Solo
Photo by Spike Dilcher
New images from M3 Rock Festival in Roxy's Scrapbook
YouTube Videos - Live footage of JSRG killin' it at M3
http://youtu.be/tfje-P2OOss http://youtu.be/O1fbGXxm8uU
http://youtu.be/SLQH-PWayFE http://youtu.be/DCLWyM1G79A
"Rock n Roll to the Bone"
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New JSRG Video for viewing:
Adele's Rollin' In The Deep
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Benefit show May 18th @ The Detroit Pub
Monsters Of Rock Pre-Party Review
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Benefit show May 18th @ The Detroit Pub. I'll be there to rock a few songs with Maxine and Rachel May for the Ronnie James Dio "Stand up and Shout" against Cancer fund! "It's the least that you can do-Like spiral on the wind-I can hear it screamin' in my mind - Long Live Rock n Roll!... Let it live"!
What: Cancer Fundraiser for the Ronnie James Dio "Stand up and Shout" against Cancer fund.
When: Saturday May 18, at 7:00pm
Where: The Detroit Pub in Clinton Township, Michigan
click here   Maxine Petrucci, Rachel May, Roxy Petrucci  
News Flash!
Just rolled in from the ultimate rock n roll experience! MORC 2013 ranks in my top 5 birthday blowouts as a performer and fan of the music. Wish you all could have been there to share it with me! Lets make it a plan to be on MOR 2014 to crack my top 3!
Coming soon many knee-dropping video and pix to share! LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL!
Janet, Share, Roxy, Gina rehearsing the Vixen hit "Love Made Me"
Here's a little taste of things to come. Remember the Vixen hit Love Made Me? This is a piece of the vocal rehearsal with photos from the gig in NY and rehearsals last July 2012.
There's more music, video and gigs coming.
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Will be playing some Madam X tunes Saturday September 1, at 6:00pm. Make sure to tune in!
94.7 WCSX - Detroit - Classic Rock - www.wcsx.com
Video of JSRG performing Cryin' live at MORC Pre-Party!
click for a larger version - Photo attachment by James Schmelzer
New Interviews! Read 'em and smile!
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Exclusive full-band interview with JSRG in Music Entertainment Magazine, a FREE Central Florida Music Publication.
Posted: December 8, 2012
Cape Breton Int Drum Festival Legends Award & Life Time Achievement Awards
Drumming Legends Danny Seraphine,(Life Time Achievement Award 2010) Denny Seiwell ( Legends Award) Jerry Mercer, (Legends Award) Michael Shrieve,(Legends Award) Liberty Devitto, Roxy Petrucci (Legends Award) and Bruce Aitken.
Sunday October 20, 2013. .............. JSRG to light up Firefest!
With pride, STARDUST presents our first interview with a former member of VIXEN, the incredible drummer ROXY PETRUCCI, also legendary in the glam metal band MADAM X in the 1980s. ROXY tells us about the beginning of the women who inspired in the rock of the needs that she met at the beginning of her radiant career with VIXEN, their anecdotes with famous icons of rock, her passion for the drums and the rock on her current band with two former Vixens JSRG and more. Exclusively for America Latina.
Sebastian Bach August 18, 2012 DTE Music Theatre
I popped in at the DTE Music Theatre on August 18, 2012 to visit with my pal Sebastian Bach. He looks and sounds amazing!
JSRG confirmed for M3 Rock Festival...Hell Yeah!

Mark Weiss & Roxy
Roxy with legendary rock photographer Mark Weiss
Photo by Share Ross & Bam Tastic
Janet Gardner and Gina Stile of Janet, Share, Roxy and Gina - JSRG sit down with Raven In The Morning on WCCC 106.9 The Rock in Hartford CT on June 22, 2012
Janet, Gina 'n Roxy almost ready
Photo shoot! Download Super 8™: http://bit.ly/mBnljv
Ohhh JSRG photo shoot!! Download Super 8™: http://bit.ly/mBnljv
JSRG performing 'Edge of a Broken Heart' live in NY JSRG 'How Much Love' live in NY
For the first Time, just added to the site ROXY PETRUCCI in clinic mode CBIDF 2010 ALSO BRUCE AITKEN with FIVE SPEED WOMBAT, the lost footage....lol....the basement tape,....etc etc...lol...for the first time on YouTube.
Please visit and enjoy.... thanks to Bex for the filming.
Interview with Myrna Maria Barahona
Posted September 12, 2012
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"Walk On, Walk On"
Did somebody say that JSRG is doing a "walk on" song or two in Long Island NY this weekend? Hmm ...... You better sign up for the newsletter to find out if that's true. That is... if you want to hear "Edge of a Broken Heart" sung by Janet and played by Roxy, Share and Gina!
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The Monster’s of Rock Cruise
The Monster’s of Rock Cruise goes on sale in just a few weeks and we are thrilled with our lineup so far. We think this will be even bigger than MOR 2012 so don’t miss it,
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Roxy's words on the great Ronnie James Dio
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New interview with JSRG
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Original Members Of VIXEN Reunite As JSRG - May 12, 2012
25 years after the legendary VIXEN released their first single, "Edge Of A Broken Heart", three of the original members have reunited to form JSRG. Two decades have passed since they shared a stage together and they are ready to rev it up.
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Rockulus Maximus Interview
Interview for an upcoming book featuring women in hard rock/metal.
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MoxiMusic Article
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Eternal Terror Article
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Cape Breton 2010
I'm still floating in the clouds from my experience at Cape Breton 2010. I had a fabulous time and am humbled by the graciousness towards me and the amazing performances. Sitting in the dressing room with all these drum legends made me feel like I was hangin out with the Rat Pack. They rock with the ultimate talent and class.. I love being a drummer! Thanks to everyone associated with the drumfest for all your hard work and especially Count Bruce and Gloria Jean Aitkens, the host and hostess with the most and mostest! My friend and fan Cindy Leach who drove all the way from Maine to show her support RULES! My hubby Mark who I can always count on, he's the man with a plan!
Watch on YouTube
Cape Breton Experience
Roxy's Cape Breton experience
Cape Breton Article
Okay, back to earth...RLRLRR LRLRLL
Roxy Petrucci Autographed 8"x10" Color Photo
Roxy Petrucci Autographed 8"x10" Color Photo just $10.00 U.S. which includes shipping & handling ($12.00 outside the U.S.) using Paypal. Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
Rare Tangerine Tour Footage - Rev It Up & Bleed
Footage of original VIXEN members Janet Gardner and Roxy Petrucci, with Maxine Petrucci on bass and Gina Stile on lead guitar.
This footage of the band performing 'Bleed' and 'Rev It Up' live, was filmed on The Tangerine Tour.
Watch on YouTube
Bad Day' by Gina Stile
Gina Stile (guitars, bass), Deana Cook (vocals), Roxy Petrucci (Drums)
Engineered and Mixed by Gina Stile at Stile Studios
Watch on YouTube
Billdidit - The Coady Clutch
If you don't like hi-hat clutches, you probably haven't tried The Coady Clutch. It's the world's smoothest hi-hat drop clutch. A simple strike activates the clutch. No reaching. No pushing.
No breaking your concentration to try and find the right spot.
Learn more at the Billdidit Website
Vancouver Medal Winner
Check me out on the downhill! Teehee,......... video from a fan, Cindy Leach.
watch jib-jab
roxy petrucci
heavy slammin' groove queen
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