I started the day my usual way…pumping iron. Little did I know the VH1 film crew was casing my neighborhood getting ready to pounce. I had suspicions that someday I’d be ambushed, but not that day. It sure would’ve been entertaining had they showed up at the gym with Aamer squeezed in a pair of tights sweatin’ to the oldies. He’s a good sport but I owe him a kick in the nads. The band’s reunited experience was amazing, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages thanks to our talented and comedic keyboardist John Thomas. Rehearsals were fun and our live show rocked! Revved up and full throttle we were Vixen once again… what a rush! The talent and chemistry of this lineup is undeniable we have a genuine respect and friendship for one another that have stood the test of time.

Let’s do it again someday gurrls!

Rox’n Roll

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Aamer Haleem - VH1 Bands Reunited Host
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